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Hi, Macademi here. This won't be much of a Jornual but more of place where I leave my Lemon's that I wrote... the ONLY ONES I ever wrote. Just leaving them here because I can't post them on the site :P
If you want to read my fanfiction (they're not the best, don't expect much ouo) then here's the link

Chapter 23:

Slowly pushing himself up, the two gazed at one another lovingly as Scarlet laid on the bed with nothing but her bra and panties. Draco was positioned above her, wearing nothing but what Arceus had given him the moment he had evolved. The two brought their faces together and they began to kiss passionately. Feeling something press against the inside of her thighs, she looked down and smiled. Looking back up at her lover to be, a coy smile formed on her face as a hard blush appeared.

"Looks like you're eager to start", she whispered in a teasing voice.

"I'm not the only one", he grinned with his eyes half lidded as she let out a moan, "see?" He chuckled as he brought his hand up to her face from her nether region.

Giggling along with him as he showed her his wet fingers from rubbing her crotch just once. Reaching down, she grinned as she began to rub the underside of his long, hard, and growing shaft. She was amazed as it continued to grow until it appeared to be eight feet long with a thick girth. Looking at his face, she giggled as she saw that his eyes were shut from sheer pleasure as she continued to pump her hand along the underside of his shaft. Noticing that the feeling on his erection was gone, he opened his eyes and noticed that Scarlet wasn't underneath him anymore. Draco was flipped onto his back as Scarlet was now at the base of the bed, her face between his legs. Before he could say a thing, Scarlet began to pump her hand up and down his shaft, earning a groan from him.

Smiling as she saw his reaction from her efforts, she brought her face to his hard erection and dargged her tongue up the length of his throbbing member. Opening her mouth, she worked the first inch into her mouth and slowly worked her way down until she was only left with three inches left. Slowly bringing her head up, she forced herself down as she began to bob her head up and down repeatedly, earning more and more groans of pleasure from the Gallade. Quickening her pace, she clasped her hand around the base of his hot shaft and began to move her hand, matching the movements of her bobbing with her handjob. Draco let out a gasp as he reached his climax after minutes of her work. Shutting her eyes close, she took every last drop of his hot seed into her maw.

Lifting her head away from his still erect member, she swallowed and let out a sigh. Draco let out a gasp as he felt a firm grasp from his lovers hand around is now very sensitive member.

"Looks like you've got another round in you", she giggled as she slowly bobbed her hand up and down his member.

Standing up, she crawled up the bed and onto him until her now sopping pussy was above his member. Grasping the sides of her panties, she looked down at herself as she slowly pulled them down to her knees. Unhooking her bra, she tossed it down onto the floor. Her breasts hung in front of his face. This time, it was time for Draco to be amazed at the sheer size of her breasts. Slowly lowering herself onto his member. The tip slowly pressed through her folds, earning herself a loud moan from her as she lowered herself down past the tip. Draco suddenly felt something touch the tip of his member from inside Scarlet. Knowing that his member had met her hymen, he looked up at her.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" Draco asked worriedly as he cupped the side of her face with his hand.

Taking a deep breath, she nodded. Biting her lip, she forced herself down, tearing her hymen. Tears welled up and poured out of her eyes as the pain rushed through her body.

"Why don't I take the lead now?" Draco asked as he smiled up at her.

"O-okay..", she said in a shaky voice.

Flipping themselves over, Scarlet now laid on her back once more. Scarlet blushed a deep crimson red as Draco spread her legs apart. Pressing his tip against her crotch, he penetrated his member into her again. The two let out a moan as he slowly began to push more of himself past her folds. Stopping halfway, he waited for her to get adjusted to the foreign invader inside her. After a minute, he pulled back and then hilted himself into her. Scarlet's eyes shot open as he felt the tip of his member enter her womb. Slowly beginning to pump himself in and out of her wet pussy, she began to let out moan after moan as he pushed back into her. She slowly began to lose herself as pleasure quickly replaced the pain she had felt.

Bringing his face close to hers, the two kissed as they continued their love making. Their breathing began to grow faster as Draco soon began to lose himself with her as the pleasurable feeling began to spread throughout their bodies. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she held him close as he pistoned himself faster and faster. Feeling his second climax approaching, he panted into his ear.

"Scarlet, I'm about to cum...!" He said in between pants.

"Do it... Finish inside of me!" She gasped in between her moans as she felt her own climax approaching

Hilting himself once more into her, Scarlet exclaimed loudly as they reached their climax. Draco moaned loudly as he shot thick ropes of his hot seed into her womb. Staying in their position, the two smiled at one another lovingly as their bodies shook with pleasure, sweat dripped from their love making. Slowly pulling himself out of his lover, she let out a moan as he left her. His seed slowly began to drip out of her pussy, mixed with her own love juices, dripping down onto the sheets beneath them. Lowering himself onto her, they bathed in the afterglow of their climax's as his member slowly went limp.

"Oh Arceus... that was amazing", Scarlet said as her chest moved up and down as she took deep breathes of the musk that came from their bodies.

"Draco... I love you", she said as they continued to breath in and out heavily.

"I love you too", he smiled back at her as fatigue took over him first.

Falling asleep on top of her, she giggled as she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him as she slowly began to fall into sleeps embrace.

Chapter 32:

Meanwhile, somewhere further away from the campsite, but still within hearing range of Hades, Scarlet had already stripped down to nothing. Her legs quivered as Draco he slowly moved two if his digits in and out of her moist pussy, earning a moan from Scarlet as he repeated. With their lips locked, Draco continued his actions as the two kissed deeply. Feeling his other hand slide up her belly and up to her breasts, she moaned harder as he massaged her right breast. With her hand already on his hard member she continued to pump her hand up and down. She let out a moan filled gasp as she felt Draco insert another digit with the other two. Her pumping of his hot member grew faster as his pre lubricated his hard erection as she ran her hand up and down it from tip to base.

Shutting her eyes, she gasped as she neared her climax. Smiling at her reactions, Draco moved his hand faster and faster until Scarlet let out a pleasure filled shout as she came. Squirting her juices all over his hand, he continued until her climax stopped. Panting softly, she pressed her back against the tree they were up against and took a second to relax, only to have her right leg lifted up.

"Ready for the real fun?" Draco said as he hooked the curve of his arm with the curve of her leg, lifting it high up as drips of her love juices dripped from her burning pussy.

"Oh yes", Scarlet said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him into another deep kiss.

She moaned into his mouth as he guided his hot, throbing member into her pussy and began to piston himself in and out swiftly as his natural lubricate helped with his thrusts. Reaching around her back, he lowered his free hand towards her round ass and pushed her towards himself as he thrust back into her, earning harder moans from her. Scarlet gasped and lurched her head back as another sensation rocked her body as she felt Draco's finger enter her anus. Looking at her lover, she saw that he was now wearing a devilish smile on his face.

"How about it?" Draco asked as he continued to pant along with his thrusts.

"Sure, but you'll need to loosen me up a bit, babe", Scarlet struggled to speak as the sound and feeling of his crotch slapping her wet skin from her climax and sweat continued to rock her body with pleasure.

"I can do that", he said as his eyes glowed purple.

"What are yo-Ah!" She gasped out loud as she felt a long, cool rod like object slide into her other hole.

Using his Psychic, he continued to thrust himself into her moist pussy as he thrust the rod of his Psychic energy in and out of her ass. Clenching her eyes close again, she bit down on her bottom lip as he continued to move him and the rod faster and faster, whilst increasing the thickness of the rod slowly as they came closer and closer to their climaxes.

"S-shit. I'm going to cum", Draco panted as he pounded are her wet snatch faster.

Scarlet gave him an inaudible response as hot tears of pleasure flowed from her eyes as she was drunk with pleasure. Screaming up into the night sky, Scarlet came hard onto Draco's hot, throbing member as the two released their bodily juices onto one another. Draco continued to piston himself into her, spurting stream after stream of his seed into her womb as his climax lingered on him. Scarlet slowly came to her senses as she bathed in the intense afterglow of their love making. Panting hard, Draco slowly slid his still hard member out of her cum filled pussy.

"You forgot about the other", Scarlet said as she turned around, exposing her ass to her as the moonlight reflected off of her sweat covered ass.

"I don't think I did", he said as his eyes still had their purple glow.

She moaned out, "Oh Arceus", as she felt the rod inside her grow thicker and thicker. Stopping when the rod reached almost two inches thick, he pulled it out of her slowly, twisting it teasingly as he did so. Letting out a low whine as she no longer felt the rod inside her, she let out a surprised gasp as she felt the thick rod get shoved into her pussy, pressing his hot seed back, further into her womb. She hugged the trunk of the tree tightly as she felt him drag the tip of his cock against her skin until the tip was at the entrance of her gaping asshole. Sliding in with ease, he squeezed her butt cheeks together and began to piston in and out of her with more vigor than he did before. Her breasts swayed back and forth as he slapped his crotch against her backside, earning a moan after moan after moan, each growing louder and louder as he continued to thrust himself and the rod into her over and over.

Reaching for her chest, he pinched her nipples hard, pulling downwards as he pressed his chest on her sweat drenched back. She gritted her teeth as he pulled down hard on her nipples while he continued to fuck her from behind. His warm seed spurted out over and over as the rod pushed his seed out with each thrust. The insides of her thighs were now drenched with her own and his bodily juices as they were forced out at the seems of her wet pussy as it was stretched with the rod that had grown to nearly more than two inches. Feeling another climax coming for him, he felt her body shake beneath him as he continued to piston, he knew she as reaching her peak too. Draco strained to pump the rod faster as his mind began to go numb with pleasure, Scarlet's mind as already being rocked with pleasure as well.

Picking up the paces fast at the final moments of their forest fuck, Draco used his Psychic to twist the rod in her pussy, swishing his seed around inside her womb as he did so. She slowly began to lose her footing as her legs gave out, causing the two to fall down onto their knees. Not letting this stop him, he fucked her even harder as her belly slapped against the bark of the tree with each of his hard thrusting. Screaming up into the sky once more, she felt him unload into her her ass. Her eyes lit up with colors as he felt stream after stream of his hot cum spurting into her ass as his Psychic rod melted away in her womb, leaving behind a gaping, seed dripping, space inside of her wet pussy as his mind lost control of his Psychic.

"That... was better... than the first time... I love you", Scarlet struggled out the words as she turned her head around to look at him.

"Love you too, babe", he smiled at her as he leaned in and kissed her as his member went limp inside of her.

To those not here from my fanfic page, yes, I know I suck at lemons. That's why I'm not even going to write any in the future! Unless I see that I've improved enough.... still end up posting it here though.


United States
Um...... -shrug- Fanfiction and whatnot?

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